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Stearn Land Housing Development Consultation

Hello everyone, sorry for the short notice but there’s a new housing development that has came up and the consultation period is rather short. Here is a link to what is planned.

Part of what we do at Leighton BuzzCycles is comment on these planned developments as a means to try and get cycling infrastructure built in to new housing estates. We want good cycling infrastructure built in to the initial design of new housing. Failure to consider cycling infrastructure in the design phase makes it very difficult to add it in after the fact, and doesn’t help reduce car dependency across the town. We do care about the other sustainable modes of transport too of course!

Our Treasurer Chris Stevenson has already had a look at the proposals and suffice to say they could use some work!

We think of note is the fact that the plans appear to be very car centric, lack any dedicated cycle infrastructure (tracks or secure storage), has poor connectivity with the town centre (lack of bus routes) and overall does not prioritise walking and cycling over driving. If you’d like to comment on the development yourself, here is the feedback page. Encouraging cycling and walking in new housing developments not only benefits prospective residents of these new homes, but also all of us across the town.

Just to note that once this goes to Central Beds. Council we’ll also be asking that you comment then too.

Thanks ☺🚲

Tom Littlehales, Leighton BuzzCycles secretary

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