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Bikeability – cycling proficiency for the 21st century

“Too busy”, “they get too close to me”, “too much effort”. Common views these days about road journeys by cycle, but a few simple tips will soon have you whizzing on your bike to see friends or to the shops.

“Bikeability” is the national standard course to help you gain cycling confidence and make your trip more enjoyable. The sessions are at your pace with plenty of time for chat and fun along the way, whether you’re a complete beginner, relaxed shopper, or an expert commuter . Once you know how to maintain and control your bike in the best way, how to see, be seen, and communicate with other road users, you’ll never feel uneasy in traffic again.

Cycling = Free! (no fuel costs, no fares); Fast! (no queues for the car park), Fit! (a body ten years younger than a non-biker); Freedom! (go where you like when you like); and by no means least – Fun!

For more info and to book yourself onto a FREE course with friendly local instructors please contact us.

Some satisfied cyclists:
“I feel so much more confident on my bike” – Sue, 47

“My dad is going to be SO proud of me!” – Sam, 5

“I now bike to work in less time than the car, and cheaper too” – Dave, 36

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