Led and Group Rides

BuzzCycles Rides


The first three rides are free, however after that we ask that in order to fulfil our insurance obligations, that riders become members of BuzzCycles. This costs £5 per person or £7 per household, and lasts for a year from date of payment.

Cycle Sundays and Family rides

Every Sunday at 10:30AM by the Market Cross, lasting two hours with the route and surface to suit those who turn up.

The ride on the first Sunday of each month is a shorter ride, mostly traffic-free and specially suited to families with smaller children. No-one gets left behind.

Regular Riders

These rides start at the Market Cross on Sundays at 9AM, last about 2 hours, and are mainly off road.

Other Leighton Buzzard Cycling Clubs

Lumens Loonies

Lumens Loonies rides are technical off road rides, starting at 7:30PM by the Market Cross, last 2-3 hours and usually end at a pub back in Leighton Buzzard. Please bring lights to see ahead of you with as well as lights to be seen with. Hope you like pork scratchings! To get involved with Lumen Loonies, it’s best to join their facebook group and say hello.

Leighton Buzard Road Cycling Club

Fancy some road cycling? Be sure to check out Leighton Buzzard Road Cycling Club. Their website will give you a good idea of what they’re all about, but the members organise rides and chat via their facebook group.

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