We’re working towards Leighton Buzzard’s “Green Wheel”. The idea behind this is to have a series of safe cycle routes that when drawn on a map will have couple of rims and several spokes that make up a wheel. This is not complete yet however as not all the constituent parts are completed. We do have safer options to get around town however, which aren’t always clear to the uninitiated.

This page sets out to show some of these routes using images of the routes in images, along with a link to the route drawn using Komoot. If you create an account with Komoot (which is free) you will be able to follow the route on your smartphone, or indeed load the .gpx file to your GPS cycle computer. If you do choose to use your phone for navigation please either mount the phone to your handlebars, or keep it in a pocket and only refer to the route when stationary and it’s safe to do so.

Child Friendly Route

This is our suggested child friendly route, which mostly traffic free. Please dismount (if able) and walk when on the sections marked as “on-road”. The Komoot route in the link below starts from Dorvics heading north.

Child Friendly Route

Green Wheel Inner Rim

This is Leighton Buzzard’s “Inner Rim” of the Green Wheel network. Use this to get around Leighton Buzzard while staying on the quieter roads and traffic-free cycle lanes. Included in the Komoot routes are the anti-clockwise and clockwise versions of the following route:

Green Wheel Inner Rim – Clockwise

Green Wheel Inner Rim – Anti-clockwise

Pete’s Top 5 Routes

These are Pete’s top 5 routes which all avoid the canal towpath. We have a PDF and a Komoot route for each. Please note the Komoot routes are slightly more up to date as Hockliffe street is no longer a cycle route (heading west).

Ride 1 – Riverside Walk & Vandyke Road

Ride 2 – Clipstone and Clipstone Brook

Ride 3 – Linslade Wood and Rock Lane

Ride 4 – Ledburn and Ascott

Ride 5 – Wing and Ledburn

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