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Space for Cycling

This is a national campaign started by the London Cycling Campaign and taken up by national cycling charity CTC and campaining group Cyclenation.

The idea is simple: we need more space for cycling – more investment in better cycling infrastructure to encourage more people to get out of their cars and onto their bikes.

There are three ways you can help this campaign:

  1. You can send an email to your local ward councillor via the CTC website 
  2. You can send us your message to all the local councillors – tell them why investment in cycling will benefit you*
  3. You can urge others to do the same – even non-cyclists – afterall, everyone benefits from fewer cars on the roads

*messages will be added to our already long list and delivered to local councillors at some point yet to be arranged. They will also be published (anonomously) on our website.

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