The Leighton Linslade Green Wheel

Around town : Across town : Into town : Out of town

The idea of the Green Wheel is to establish routes (quiet roads and paths) that walkers and cyclists can use to get around the town (the rims) and across, into or out of the town (the spokes). It will link up areas of greenspace as well as creating safe and attractive routes to schools, areas of employment, shops and the station. 

The ultimate aim is to provide a real alternative transport network that will tempt more people out of their cars for the short journeys about town, help everyone to have a more active lifestyle and to encourage local residents to explore their local countryside more. 

The idea first originated some years ago in Leighton Buzzard but Biggleswade got there first in actually creating their Green Wheel in 2015 in a project led by Central Bedfordrshire Council (CBC) and the Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity. Cycle campaign group Leighton Buzzcycles has recently relaunched the idea of a Green Wheel for Leighton Buzzard and Linslade and is working with CBC and The Greensand Trust to plan and sign the routes and, where possible and necessary, create new paths away from busy roads. 

The Green Wheel is going to take many years to fully complete but we will be able to sign sections gradually, starting with the Inner Rim. The routes will not be perfect from the start but will have to evolve over time as better (and safer) alternatives become available or as housing development takes place or new infrastructure is built. 

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