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Bye bye Morrisons barriers!

Following the town council Partnership meeting at the start of last month, I was wondering what I ought to get stuck in to next. I said I was going to see where I could get to with the barriers outside Morrisons as I did say I’d try and see if we could get them removed. It’s been tried before so we weren’t optimistic but I wanted to have a go at it myself after getting some helpful advice on twitter.

Good luck getting your bike and groceries through there.

I was just wondering what steps to take next, having contacted others in the committee to see where various emails sent out (thanks Peter) had got to, when I received this photo from my friend who lives nearby.

A bollard! Rejoice!

…and the barriers are gone! Huzzah. It’s a small thing but I know it will make cycling around town a tiny bit easier, so it’s a victory nonetheless. I could have written this blog post a week or so ago but I wanted to work out who had actually made the change. Apparently Central Beds. Council knew nothing about it, so it must have been Morrisons. Better late than never, eh? I’ve already cycled my cargo bike and trailer through it to go and see my friend, something I couldn’t do before.

Thanks for all the support that our supporters offered in this shorter-than-expected campaign. Question is what we try to achieve next!

Happy riding! Thanks, Tom. 🚲🚲🚲

P.S – We’re always on the look out for new comittee members to help with our campaigning and work in general, so if you’re interested please get in touch via either the contact form on this website or you can send a message to our facebook page.

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